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Nandi Sims
sociolinguistics & ethnicity

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PhD Candidate
The Department of Linguistics
The Ohio State University


I am a PhD Candidate at The Ohio State University in the Department of Linguistics.

My primary interests lie in language variation and change stemming from situations of ethnic contact in the US. I study the variation related to social identities, institutional ideologies, and the hegemonic structure of race.

I have conducted research on a number of topics including historical variation in African American Language morphosyntax, English prosodic rhythm comparisons between South Florida ethnicities, and the relationship between the language, ethnicity, and social identity of pre-teens.

Dissertation: Race, ethnicity, and social groups: Social and linguistic causes of language variation among 6th grade students at a primarily Black South Florida middle school


2021 (expected) Ph.D., Linguistics, The Ohio State University
2013 M.A., Linguistics, Florida International University
2010 M.A., Education: Elementary Curriculum and Instruction, The College of William and Mary
2009 B.A., Interdisciplinary Studies: Environmental Geography, The College of William and Mary